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The Boilermakers Applied Research in Cryptography (BARC) lab works on a variety of research projects related to applied cryptography and network security. We are always looking to recruit highly motivated and interested students! Please feel free to apply even if you have no prior research experience!

You can contact at for any questions, and if you are interested in getting involved, fill out the Google Form

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Assistant Professor

Christina Garman

Assistant Professor

Priyam Biswas

PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant

Alex Seto

PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant

Arushi Arora

MS Student, Graduate Research Assistant

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Our architecture, Bento, allows users to write functions and upload them to willing Tor relays. The architecture protects relays from the functions they are running on behalf of other users, and protects the users from the relays running their functions. We are developing a myriad of functions that demonstrate that a programmable Tor can be a more secure, robust, and anonymous Tor. Learn more about Bento!

Crypto Binaries

Identification of cryptographic primitives can be used to detect the presence of malicious payloads in binaries as well as a tool for binary analysis. This project aims to develop a novel approach to identify different cryptographic algorithms in heavily obfuscated binaries.

Our Papers

Achieving Keyless CDNs with Conclaves (pdf)

Stephen Herwig, Christina Garman, Dave Levin, USENIX Security 2020

News and Updates

Our paper introducing the first truly "keyless CDN" has been accepted to USENIX Security 2020.(read)